Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

Protect your home with flood Insurance.

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Flood insurance; protect your investment.

Heavy rain could cause flooding and water damage to your investment and if not properly protected, could cost you a fortune in repairs. Protect your personal property and belongings with an online flood insurance quote today. After all, water’s great in pools and on the beach, but not so much in your living room.

Whether you’re required to buy flood insurance or just want additional protection for your property, At Tamiami Insurance can insure your property with a flood policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or through the private market.

Protect what’s inside your unit with a fast, free flood insurance quote.

Why do you need Flood Insurance?

Federal law requires some locations that flood to have flood insurance, which isn’t covered by most homeowner’s policies. Keep your head above water with one of our policies. Call us for your free quote today.

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