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Not all Auto Insurance is the same

Keep in mind that when you buy auto insurance, it needs to offer you more than just a low price, because cheap auto insurance that doesn’t provide the coverage you need will turn out to be extremely costly in the long run.

Complete auto insurance provides coverage that sees the total picture, in terms of protection, assistance, service needs and more. Affordable auto insurance shouldn’t sacrifice quality coverage because when it comes to protecting your personal safety and your property, ineffective insurance is something you just can’t afford.

Coverage Options for your Auto Insurance

We can help choose the coverage options that work for you. Here you’ll find affordable auto insurance that provides all of the coverage you need to make sure that your car, truck, van or SUV is properly protected.

Offering the Auto Insurance Your Friends and Neighbors Recommend

Your friends and neighbors are talking about the great deals and complete coverage they’ve experienced with Tamiami’s auto insurance. Of course it’s not just the competitively priced auto insurance that has your friends raving, but the friendly and professional customer service.

Please contact one of our Agents today to request a Quote by calling (305) 233-9223 Don’t get caught without this valuable and affordable protection!

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